Tuesday, 7 February 2012

What I Need From You

Understand my faults, help me try to change them because I don't like them.
Patience and understanding, because I'm just trying to learn.
Start as you mean to continue, sudden change confuses me.
Strength, because sometimes I don't feel strong enough to get through the dark times.
Reassurance, because sometimes I get lost.
Consistency, again sudden change just confuses me.
Open communication, talk to me about everything, it helps build trust.
Encourage me to talk, even if I say I cannot put something into words.
Care for my mental health as well as my physical, my mental health is more vulnerable.
Make sure I take care of myself, because often I forget.
Push my limits, I am still learning what and where mine are.
Be completely honest with me, about everything, even if it will hurt me. I can't trust you if there is any doubt in my mind.
Let me worship you because you are the world to me.
Listen to me when I talk, I just want to be heard.
To be held, because sometimes I just need to know you are there, I fear abandonment.
Say my name or the name you have given me, because I need to hear it, often.
Help me to become the person I know I can be.
Always remember with your guidance it is possible for me to be more than even you could ever imagine.
Yes I shall continue to add to my list as things pop into my head.

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