Sunday, 19 February 2012

E_I Party Feb 2012

Yes I have started taking pics of the parties again. I looked through all the pics on my laptop and realised i had several parties where no pics were taken, some because I didn't attend, others because I was not in the right space to take pics. I have decided no matter what, along with crossing things of my bucket list slowly, pics will be taken every party!!! So in Feb I crossed silk suspension of my bucket list, below are some pics of my silk suspension as well as pics of me and the ever so wonderful Gypsy, the best friend any one could ever wish for, without her in my life to help and support me along my turbulent path I would probably not still be here, I have so much to thank her and Master G for, I can not begin to thank them enough for the support, love and care they have shown me over the last 4 years. A friendship like no other and completely platonic, no expectations, no demands, just pure unconditional friendship.

 Me and the most gorgeous girl in the world .... Gypsy

 It isn't often I have gropeable boobies, so they had to have a grope

 Yes I was enjoying myself

 Just chillin

 Hellooooo back there :P

 Back on solid ground, one veryyyy happy lil puppett

 Inverted silk suspension

 One gorgeous lady on the trapeze

Cheeky Tart decided my ass needed paddling while I was on the trapeze

And finally, a photo taken by RN43, Me on the trapeze. One of the very few photos I like of myself

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