Monday, 20 May 2013

Life in Melbourne

It has certainly had it's ups and downs.

I moved to Melbourne from Perth in November 2012. I was offered a place to stay by what I thought was a friend. She had another woman living there as well, so basically 3 subs in the same house. I will call the A and C (A being the so called friend and lease holder of said house)

Firstly I had trouble with the car I bought when I got here, I got that sorted out and bam started having problems with this so called friend, it all started when me and C went to Bunnings one day and bought a banana lounge each. We got home and A cracked the shits because we didn't buy one for her. Now before I go any further I will add that all 3 of us are in our 40's, A being almost in her 50's.

It got to the point that A would have a go at me for everything and anything, I could get up in the morning, make a coffee, go outside and have a smoke, she would come out and I would get my head bitten off before I even realised she was there. Anyway I digress.  C and I both work full time and are away from the house on average for 10 - 12 hours a day. A does not work, yet we were expected to buy all the food (even though we paid bored), cook all the meals and do all the housework. What did she do you may ask? Spent all day on the phone to some duminant in different states, flogging, caning and paddling herself while he got his jollies off on the other end of the phone.

Fast forward to xmas day. C and I went to her family's house for the day, we got home to find some strange man in the house, apparently A's new "man" (man number 5 in 3 weeks) she met him Xmas eve, and he moved in Xmas day. He like all of her friends was a drunk, and a volatile one at that, and use to have a go at me for no reason, I would be sitting outside on my laptop and he would come out and say things like, it's none of your fucking business. I don't know what was none of my business because I never spoke to him. Fast forward again to just after new year. C had invited friends over for dinner, A and her man had gone out, they get home before the guests arrive and he is completely trashed, of his trolley can't even stand let alone walk. C asks A to get him out of the house until visitors have left, which she does. When they get home later that  night he is completely off the rails, A sits outside and cries, telling us how scared of him she is. A couple of phone calls and he is removed from the house, A goes out and C and I barricade ourselves in her bedroom with a huge shifter and a hammer for the night. The next day I get up and A is making to coffee's in travel mugs, going down the road to talk to D. C and I go and visit another friend for the night, the next day I contact A to see what is happening, (C and I told her before we left it was either him or us but we no longer felt safe in our home with him there.) to which she replies she is giving him a second chance and he has no where else to go so we have to move out. (I forgot to mention he has restraining orders against him all over Victoria, including taken out by most of his family)

Well guess what ... C and I had no where else to go either. After frantically trying to find a place to stay we are offered a room at someone elses house. A room, one single room between the two of us, with just a double matteress on the floor. We think, ok, it'll only be a week or so. A month later we finally manage to find a house. Between the two of us we own, a banana lounge each and C has a washing machine. Neither of us have any money but we make the best of a bad situation. Below is what we acheived in a very short space of time.

4 weeks after we moved into the house we were broken into, although we didn't have a lot, what was stolen was irreplaceable, grandparents jewellery etc.

Although I love where I am currently living and have had the pleasure of meeting some truely awesome people, I am far from happy. Things can only get better right? Wrong.
I got the dreaded phone call from my mother, my father has cancer and there is nothing they can do, we are now playing the waiting game with the cancer time bomb. And to put the icing on the cake, my passport expired 2 years ago so I had to rush to get a new one, if anything happens to my dad and I couldn't get home I would never forgive myself.

Just when I start to get ahead and life starts going good, something else crops up, my car, driving in the rain it fishtails all over the road, not a nice feeling when you have to drive 40km of freeway twice a day, so new tyres it is at a cost of close to $600. It seemed like a good idea at the time to buy a 4WD ... how wrong was I.

On the up side of life in Melbourne C has shown me some amazing places, introduced me to some awesome people and given me many many laughs. I am now in the process of doing Cert III in Childrens Services with the view of going into child care, I am also doing a diploma in Professional Photography.

I have been to a few events that are held monthly here, alas I am not sure it is enough to keep me in Melbourne. I am seriously considering relocating back to Perth at the end of the year.

Me Pre-Provocation School of Sin, May 2013
(Cane = HARD limit it was a prop for the photo only)