Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Do the Math

I am easily amused, no more so than when I come across a profile on a BDSM site for Doms that expect subs to believe their lies. Or better yet the Dom's that can't do math. My lastest find is the 44 year old Dom that has been active in the lifestyle for 33 years, both in Australia and overseas ... nuff said.

Monday, 23 April 2012


I am feeling so very unsettled at the moment and am not sure why. What has happened in the last few weeks to cause my recent mood swings. I have been telling everyone it is due to stress, maybe I am even menopausal, do I believe either of those excuses? Nope I don't. I don't know why I am so angry, so sad, so distant, so maloncoly lately. I do know that I am struggling at the moment with my single life, for the  first time in 19 years I am really struggling with being single. I have had a few D/s relationships and have got over them all fairly well. However at the moment I feel there is just so much missing, I miss the direction, I miss the completeness, I miss the sting of a flogger, I just miss it all. I don't miss the person or the abuse, the neglect. I now realise more than ever before I miss having a Dom in my life, I feel so empty, I feel like I am nothing, I feel like I am worthless. I am in such a turmoil right now. I am nothing.

On a lighter note, here are some more pics for your viewing pleasure 
 I bought some new toys, unfortunately my relationship ended before I could use them. Above is my stainless steel Anal Hook, below a Ball Chain Flogger. Both handcrafted by Taipan Flesh 'n Steel

I have been having trouble with my shoulder, so Master G kindly offered to put the tens machine on it for me. This pic shows him tormenting me with it (and my laughing hystrically (what it doesn't show is Taipan egging him on and Gypsy laughing while taking pics.
I am so grateful to have wonderful friends in my life.

Monday, 9 April 2012

E_I Party April 2012

Another night of great conversation and great people. Another night of something crossed off my bucket list. Last night I tried fire play, definitely something I could enjoy and am looking forward to doing it again real soon. Next time I will try to remember to set my camera to continuous shoot so who ever happens to be using it doesn't need to worry about getting the timing of the shutter release right. Below are pics of me and the Gorgeous Gypsy (of course) and some of my fire play done by Master G.