Sunday, 29 March 2009

Ladies Only Night, 28 March 2009

I went to a ladies only night tonight, and had a fantastic time. I had no sooner arrived and I had some lovely ladies sticking their hands down my corset and grabbing my boobies!! (they were trying to straighten the corset for me really) then I had a champagne flute stuffed down the front of it. I knew then I was in for a fantastic night. I got to catch up with some I had not seen for a while as well as meeting and talking to a few I had not met or spoken to before. And again had some lovely needlework done on me. Over all it turned out to be a fantastic night for me. I did have my doubts about going, but am ever so glad I got dragged along. Again I have come home one happy little puppett.

 Needles, chain and beads, just yummy, nuff said :-P

Corset come champagne flute holder ... where's my straw? :P

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