Saturday, 18 April 2009

April Munch

We are lucky enough to have someone in our local community that owns a pool hall. He ever so kindly closes it down once a month for us kinksters to use. Awfully nice of him I think. So April munch, first one I have been to in over 2 years, what a fantastic night. A couple of the Domly type people decided they would wear green tights, and one decided if the other wore green tights he would go in pink hair, what a sight to behold, and as the good sports they are the men from Sherwood Forest and the delightfully delisious Maid Marion, come out to play and raised around $200 for charity. It was a fantastic night, filled with great conversations, laughter, lots of games of pool, yummy nibbles, and terrific people.

 The Merry Men and Maid Marion
(MasterG, Gypsy and Duskwolf)

Robin Hood and the pink haired E_I
(The pink tie really doesn't go with the orange flames :P)

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