Friday, 15 May 2009

E_I Party 2 May 2009

New look Evil Intentions, the room was painted and the new feature wall was a huge hit, and also made a fantastic backdrop for pre party pics to be taken. Another fun night had by all who attended and there were a lot of attendees. It was great to see so many people there. I had several fantastic conversations with several different people. I am so enjoying getting to know all these different kinksters and their fetishes and in the process expanding my own kinks. Although it was a fantastic evening there were only a few pics taken but I still think they came out wonderfully.

New Evil Intentions feature wall

Puppett Pre-Party modelling the outfit I made for this party

 Trying the ropes for size

Gypsy and puppett pre-party

Puppetts needles with thanks to Master G

Gypsy and her delightful needles, the handy work of her Master, Master G

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