Monday, 18 May 2009

Madness Of The Gods

MotG is another fetish party run monthly here in Perth. The organiser does a fantastic job to create a friendly and safe environment for all in attendance. He also tries to include demonstrations into the evening for those that are new or curious. Everyone is also given the opportunity to try new or different things if they so wish.

Friday nights MotG Party is only the second one I have been to, the first beingi n November 2008, which is where I developed my love of needles.

I have few pics from Friday on the grounds that no cameras are allowed at the event, which is fair enough, a good way to protect peoples privacy.

Fridays needle play did not go as well as it normally does, I was extremly tense for some reason and the needles just did not want to go in. I did have a wonderful person use me as a pin cushion for the first time, his first time that is and I must say he did a great job. I get the feeling that once he gets a feel for the needles it is something he has the potential to become very talanted at. On the other hand the talented Master G had a great deal of trouble using me as a canvas as I was so tense, my muscles just would not relax therefore the needles did not slide as easy as they normally do.

So why was I so tense on Friday? I have a few theroies on that. Partly because of the extremely stressful week I had at work, partly because I had stepped out of my comfort zone and into unknown waters, the panic attacks rared their ugly heads again even if only minimal, and partyl because it was unfamiliar territory, unknown people and dome people I did not feel comfortable around.

Having said that I still had a fabulous night and look forward to the next MotG which I am already planning my costume for, and since the theme for the night is Military it shouldn't be to hard. Time to get the old collar dogs, hat badge and reg belt out if I can find it. YAYYY can't wait!!.

  Gypsy and Puppett Pre-Party

Gypsy, Master G and Puppett Pre-Party

Needles thanks to Master G, Photo thanks to Warped Photography

La La Land
Needles thanks to Master G
Photo Thanks to Warped Photography

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