Friday, 4 May 2012

Forever alone

I can not get rid of this unsettled feeling I have these days, and I have no idea what has caused it. Just when things start to go right in my life, one little thing comes along a turns everything upside down and inside out. I am sick of everything going wrong. I am sick of all the negativity, I am sick of being alone, I am sick of being used, abused and taken for granted. I have been talking to a lot of people on different sites lately, many of them Dominant men, out of all the ones I have been speaking to there is really only one that I would like to get to know better, he doesn't want the same thing though. The others are great to talk to, some very knowledgeable and wise, but this one is the perfect package of what I seek. I know nothing will ever come from it and I am only fooling myself if I say or think otherwise. It is a shame.

I have a lot of doubts that I will ever find that perfect one for me. I am pretty sure I have encountered him, but he doesn't know I exist, at least not in the sense that I am worth anything more than email exchanges. That unfortunately is the extent of the lifestyle in WA. Plenty out there but the ones that I believe are suited to me either don't want anything more than email chats, a quick fuck or they are already attached, and I don't do poly!

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