Friday, 18 May 2012

Am I a Masochist?

I was having a conversation with a Dom, about all sorts of things, and he asked me if I was a Masochist. I don't identify as a Masochist and told him so. 

I enjoy needles, fire play, some forms of fire play, have not tried many but have enjoyed what I have done, I enjoy violets wands, tens units and floggings.

My last play session consisted of 180 strikes of 2 different floggers, 80 bare handed spankings and some paddlings, that hardly left a mark on me ... I didn't feel any of them after the first 50 or so, but I counted them all. I was in heaven during them all.

So does that make me a Masochist? I have no idea, I thoroughly enjoyed that session, yet I don't like pain ... it hurts.

So instead of saying I am a Masochist, or I am not a Masochist, I told him maybe I am a Masochist in training?

Seriously though, what defines whether you are a Masochist or not? Someone care to enlighten me? It has me thinking now, and I don't like thinking, specially when I am as tired as I am. Maybe I am?

This whole conversation came about over a photo of me, he decided from the look on my face and in my eyes I was a Masochist. I have never really thought about it and have always said I'm not. Although others have told me I am. 

I'm all confuzzled now :(

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