Thursday, 13 October 2011

A new beginning

I have mostly stepped away from the lifestyle over the last couple of years to try and get my life back in order, it hasn't been an easy journey and I would never have made it without the help of some brilliant people that I love dearly. It has been a pretty rough couple of years for me, but life is slowly on the up again, hopefully it will continue to climb rather than come crashing down around me again. So a brief insight into the last couple of years.

I lost my job, lost my house, lost my dom in the space of 4 months and in that order. Moved in with people kind enough to give me a roof over my head, starting making a little bit of ground toward picking myself up and things turned to crap again starting with daughter moving back from over east and neither of us really having a place to live, grrrr.

I got my own place, daughter moved back in with me and things for the next year were a real struggle, she hated it here, found it hard to make friends and was generally miserable, which in turn made me miserable. In February I threw my job in, I started injuring myself at work due to the heavy lifting and such and the sexism just got to much for me, so back to being unemployed. Lucky daughter had a job, so it wasn't quite so bad, we could afford to pay rent, as long as I could secure another job within 4-6weeks. history told me it wasn't going to be easy. When I was made redundant it took 6 months to find a full time job, after I left that one it took 4 months to find the next one. I was just a little stressed about finding a job. However 4 weeks after leaving my job I had found the job I had been looking for, for almost 2 years yayyy. 7 months later I still have that job and even though there have been some trying times at work recently I still love my job. Early May daughter found herself a man and her attitude began to change, he was good for her, just what she needed. Like her he was also NZ born and bred. Both of them hate Perth so decided to move back to NZ. I had mixed emotions over this, although I was looking forward to being on my own again, I was also a little more than worried about her going back there. She hasn't live there for 7 years and work is near on impossible to find over there, but it is what she wanted, so off they went. They finally boarded the plane at 10.30pm on October 8Th after many dramas over a lost passport and having to change flights because of the passport. They are now happy in NZ, or at least that is what I am lead to believe.

A week or so before they left for NZ I had a face to face meet with a man who had emailed me on fetlife. The emails we exchanged were good, lots of humor and nothing to serious. I decided to meet with him because he seemed different to the others, there were no demands, no I am Master you will do what I say. None of the normal and typical internet D/s stuff. They first meeting went well, we chatted and laughed then came back to my place for coffee. Again nothing serious, just chatting and coffee. He left when I had to go get daughter from work. No advances made on me, no pressure for anything. We continued to chat, usually via text messaging. We had a few serious conversations but mainly just fun and clowning around.

I invited him around for coffee on the Sunday after the kids left, which he accepted. He came for coffee, stayed for dinner, we watched the end of Bathurst, then the end of Aussie V's South Africa rugby world cup game and then a few movies etc that I have on my hard drive. It was around 2am ish when we finally went to bed, 3am ish before we went to sleep, I actually slept incredibly well that night considering I hadn't shared my bed with anyone in over 2 years. Then at 9am there was a knock on the door,Shit!!!! forgot about the people coming to do a building inspection (the house I am living in is for sale). I got up and let them in, went back to the bedroom to make sure he was getting out of bed and then carried on with my normal morning routine, coffee etc. They left and me and Mr Man enjoyed an extremely lazy Monday together with him leaving around 5pm ish.

So where is this all going? I have no idea, it is definitely a take it slow and see what happens kind of thing. After the last one I am not getting my hopes up, I am not expecting anything, I am not counting my chickens before they hatch. We talk daily, almost all day everyday via text messaging. I have invited him around for dinner on Friday night, lets just see how things pan out.

Is he the one for me? I don't know. Would I like him to be the one for me? Yes. Am I happy? Yes.

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