Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Too Long

Over a year since i have posted here, I will post again soon, just need to get a few things back on track then I will start blogging again. Here are some pics to fill in a few caps from between posts.

In Feb 2010 Gypsy made me beautiful and took some photos, because I really didn't have any nice photos of myself.

On the 6th of Feb 2010 I attended another Evil Intentions party

 I am always happy when I am with this gorgeous lady

 Master G doing needlework on me

My needle hot air balloon

Then of course there was March 2010 And the Easter Party Evil Intentions style

 Bunny Tails!

 Three E_I Bunnies!

 Beautiful lady with beautiful needles

 My pretties, needles and flutterbys

Bunny me with my sharp pointies

And that was it, I didn't attend another party until halloween 2010 (those photos are coming soon!) 

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