Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Fixed It!!!

And now it is fixed I should do some updating. A lot has happened since I last posted, 2 parties which I will post pics of on here, went to Melbourne in July for my birthday, met some awesome people, had a blast at Provocation, just generally had such a wonderful time that I decided to move there!!! 

So in 8 weeks time, I am leaving Perth and I can't wait. I have enjoyed my time here, learned a lot and met some fantastic people, but all in all it is time for me to move on. 

I know I haven't been great at keeping this updated, and well, it probably won't get another update before I move. As far as I am aware at this stage there will be no more parties before I go, which is a real shame, I was so looking forward to Halloween this year, had an awesome costume sorted out and everything :(

Here are the pics from May and June parties, and a few from the gorgeous Gypsy's birthday.
May 2012
 Me and the lovely Gypsy of course

 Me in my new corset, shame it doesn't fit quite right, but I love it all the same

 I love this pic, two of the most wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, I will miss them both when I leave. Master G and his gorgeous girl Gypsy.

 First try at blood cupping, what an experience!! Want more!! Thanks MasterG

 After the cups came off

 Another pic of these to wonderful people that I absolutely love (the pic and the people in it)

June 2010
 Just lil ole me

 Gypsy had to take lots of pics, she was just impressed that I had cleavage that I have never had before lol

 The two of us. I am so going to miss Gypsy :(

She really did have a thing for my cleavage and showed it off to everyone that cared to look ... yes she was showing MY cleavage of to all at the party, much impressed she was lol

 She just couldn't get enough of my boobies that night.

 Master G and his gorgeous girl Gypsy, and his wonderful sharp pointy handy work

 My needles by Master G, love them, but then I always do lol

Gypsy's Birthday.
So as it worked out, the day of Gypsy's actual birthday Master G was working night shift. Since he was working I told Gypsy as I was leaving their place the day before I would cook her dinner. To which she replied, "if I turn up at your place and you have a party hat on your head, I will kill you". So fast forward to the next day, I had an appointment after work, so went to that, then went home and put dinner on. I knew I had party hats left over from my daughters 21st, and since I wasn't allowed to wear one on my head ... I wore them on my boobies, the look on Gypsy's face when she walked through the door was priceless. I wish I had a camera set up ready to capture that moment, but it is one that I will remember for the rest of my days. Here's the pic's from that night and the night of her party.

No party hat on my head LOL

Love this pic, but hate that I forgot to take my glasses off

Party night Gypsy looks in her element, I look rather shocked ... which I wasn't, I know what she is like.

Having a good grope

I don't remember what she did, but obviously it was frecking hilarious

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