Sunday, 5 July 2009

June happenings

I've been a bit slack lately, no posts since May yet so much happening. Maybe that's why there have been no updates .... just not enough hours in the day. Now I need to sit back and remember what has happened since my last post.

The EI party at the end of May, like all the others was a fantastic night enjoyed by all who attended and a great attendance it was. Then there was the June munch with it's pirate theme another great night but a little disappointing to see most did not make the effort to come in costume. I know it can be difficult to organise costumes and others just don't like to dress up, I was once one of those people, but even something small doesn't take much time and effort. Then there was the June Madness party with it's military theme and as suspected almost everyone came wearing either black or traditional army camos, however my dear gypsy and I thought outside the square and went as toy soliders. I had an absolutely fantastic night, had the pleasure of catching up with a dear man and his slave Sir Perry and karen from Adelaide. Unfortunately I missed his rope workshop before he headed back to Adelaide, but maybe next time. I also had the pleasure of meeting some new people and had some wonderful conversations. The following week was the June EI party which was interesting given we had storms and severe weather warnings. Given the weather it was still a great turn out, although maybe it was just me but hte atmosphere was just not the same as normal. Not sure if it was the weather or if it was partly because dear gypsy was in bed sick :( so no photos from June EI.

I was made redundant on Friday so until I secure a new job I will not be attending as many events, finances just will not allow it. Once upon a time I would have said stuff it, I'm going but realistically bills and rent have to be paid first and my redundancy package is not that great since I have been with the company less than 2 years. I will NOT allow this curveball to drag me down to a place I once was, I will NOT go back there, I will overcome this latest hurdle in my life. And I know I have the support of my very dear friends to help keep my afloat. I could not imagine my life without them in it. I do kind of feel sorry for the Dom I end up with as I am a package deal, if he wants me he also has to accept MasterG and the wonderful Gypsy as well.

 EI Party 30 May 2009

EI Party 30 May 2009

Master G and his first mate Gypsy June Pirate Munch

Master G, his first mate Gypsy and the wench June Pirate Munch

Commador E_I, the ship wench, first mate gypsy and Captain Master G, June Pirate Munch

The toy soldiers ready for Madness June 2009

The toy soldiers ready for Madness June 2009

There was no E_I party in July, but this is what happens on a lazy Sunday afternoon at Master G and Gypsy's house

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